Canadian Origin Diamonds

Our Canadian Origin Diamond Guarantee 

We are very proud of the brilliant northern diamonds we offer. Originating from the Ekati and Diavik diamond mines in the Northwest Territories, a Canadian Arctic Love Diamond™ is carefully selected and cut with precision to the world’s highest standards. We examine the colour, clarity, cut and carat weight of the diamonds utilizing the most sophisticated instruments available, ensuring that they are authentic and uniquely mined in Canada’s Arctic.

An Arctic Love Diamond™ is one hundred percent (100%) natural, free of all treatments and conflicts and laser engraved with the Arctic Love symbol identifying its place of origin. Only a diamond created with such passion, will be enjoyed with heart-warming emotion for eternity.


From the Great North Mines to Design

Arctic Love Diamonds are sourced from the Ekati and Diavik mines, two of Canada’s largest production sites, situated approximately 200 kilometers south of the Arctic Circle in the Northwest Territories.

Like all Canadian origin diamonds, Arctic Love Diamonds are mined to the highest environmental standards in the world in accordance with the principles of sustainable development. Compared to diamonds unearthed in other parts of the world, Canadian diamonds are very high quality and typically make excellent polished gems due to the range of top white colours and consistent shapes – generally yielding a higher average price per carat.

Formed naturally under the luminous northern lights, some say Canadian diamonds have been infused with the mystery and brilliance of that light, making up some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world!

Since the discovery of the first diamond mine in Canada in the mid-1990s, the Canadian diamond industry has provided vital social and economic support to the northern communities and appealed to a consumer market concerned about the impact of diamond mining on global environmental and human rights issues. With growing awareness about the industry through the abundance of information on the Internet and social media, Canadians are actively choosing to support ethical and local diamond sourcing operations now more than ever.

Canadian origin diamonds meet the stringent requirements of the Kimberley process. The certification process of the stones allows them to be tracked from the mines to manufacturing, to the wholesaler, and to the retailer. Upon polishing and finish, Canadian origin diamonds usually go through a process of grading, certification and laser engraving (e.g. GIA , LotID number or trade logo such as a maple leaf) before finally finding its place on a piece of beautiful jewellery. The identifying inscription(s) help assure consumers of their diamond’s source, country of origin and connection to a reputable gem lab.